Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sheldon en Français

The amazing Christine has translated the Sheldon pattern into French. Trés magnifique! I wish I understood French well enough to read it, but all I can manage after a year of eighth-grade French and another year of grad school French for Reading (which should be called “just enough French so that you could conceivably translate a French document badly with the help of two dictionaries”) is the occasional mispronounced phrase. My apologies, France. Regardless of my deficiencies, I am pleased that French-speaking knitters will now have access to the pattern.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, Ruth. Don't worry about your French, I was not able to speak your language too until I regularly went to USA ! So, come to France... Christine

patia said...

sorry, I do not speak english.
thank you for the explication to turtle.
I finish the turtle. she's in my blog.
thank you very well. bye